New Life Community Service

New Life Family Church is committed to serving our immediate community in diverse ways in order to demonstrate the redeeming love of Christ and to build strong relationships with each other.  We have found that community service is an effective tool for winning souls.

Day-To-Day Life:

New Life Family Church ESL ClassesThe community is very new to the American system, and many people need help with a myriad of tasks. Basic reading skills, sorting out various types of bills, translation assistance during medical appointments as well in dealing with refugee agencies,  applying for food-stamps, Medicaid, and applying for a job to name a few. It is a privilege for NLFC to serve our own people that are in dire need of day-to-day life skills, and to show our love to them.

Community Garden:

We are partnering with Wood Creek Church in Richardson, Texas on a Community Garden. Wood Creek has designated a plot of land adjacent to their church for our garden use. Every Saturday, volunteers drive those interested in gardening from the Vickery Meadow apartment area to and from the garden. The garden has been designed especially for the elderly in our community so that they may enjoy time outside of their apartments and build relationships as they work together like they once did in their birth place. It is a refreshing time for families and an opportunity to grow vegetables for themselves and for the community.
Community Garden New Life Family Church Community Garden New Life Family Church


Periodic Free Medical Clinic:

We are blessed to have Dr. Matt and his team from First Baptist in Dalhart, Texas host a quarterly free medical clinic for our community.  We prioritize and encourage those who do not have Medicaid (and those who cannot afford to visit a hospital for general check-ups) to come see Dr. Matt and his medical team.  The clinic includes free checkups, flu shots, minor surgery, free prescriptions, personal care, etc…


Sewing Ministry:

Sewing classes are taught every Friday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.  A group of interested ladies get together to learn how to sew, embroider and use sewing machines.  Wanda Jones, from Hillcrest Baptist, is our volunteer instructor. She teaches and provides both the fabric and the sewing machines.  Learning these  skills allows these women to be productive and useful with their time during the day.  This is also a bridge that connects and shows the love and support the church has for their needs.

Music & Tutoring Classes:

Every Saturday, the youth (especially high school students), are given the opportunity to learn to play the guitar, as well as, receive tutoring help with math and English. Students that need help in any of these areas are encouraged to attend.