New Life Community Center:

After School Programs:

Guiding and helping children in their studies, projects home works by volunteer teachers.

Basic/Diploma Computer Classes:

Help develop high school going as well as college students and also young adult in their computer skills such as Microsoft Program/ Web & Graphic Designing/ Photoshop/Resume/etc…

Citizen Classes:

To help prepare elderly ones for the citizenship interviews and to improve their English language skills.

Workshops & Awareness Program:

Provide workshop and create awareness the community such as: Giving orientation for the newly arrived families on handling different day to day life issues, adapting new culture & learning legal issues and system, preventive classes on drug addiction, alcoholism & disciplined manner of life towards others, Hygiene, teaching to use appliances in their apartments, house cleaning, provide respected personnel to explain clearly about Medicaid/food stamp/Tax Filling Process/so on…


Have cloth line/kitchen stuff for immediate needy families.

Career Counseling:

Help seekers to provide direction to where they want to go in term of their future profession, education, as well as help find some ways to employment.

Quarterly Medical Camp:

Provide free medical treatment and prescription especially to those who do not have access to go to hospitals and see the doctors.


Sports, Cultural Assimilation, Driving lessons, Translation Assistance, Support for Seniors and the Mentally and Physically Challenged, Transportation to hospitals, refugee offices, Community Events and so on…


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